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Bed Bug

You are receiving these instructions because bed bugs have been in or near your unit. To ensure the elimination of this pest, it is important to adhere to the following procedures.

Failure to do so may result
in ineffective treatment


  • Remove all linens, blankets, sheets, covers, bath towels, drapes, curtains, throws, rugs, etc from all bedrooms and living spaces. Place them inside sealed plastic bags (trash bags). Wash these items on the highest heat setting possible with bleach. Dry them using the highest heat setting possible. Re-seal them in NEW bags. Do NOT open the sealed bags until after treatment.
  • Remove all items from inside your drawers, closets, chests and under-the-bed storage. (Not including your Kitchen… unless the infestation is that bad.) All Coats and Clothes should be placed inside plastic bags and washed. Shoes and slippers should be ran through dryer on hottest heat. Do not bring clean items back into the home until after treatment.
  • Remove any pet toys and feeding bowls. Place them safely away for the duration of the Treatment.
  • Ensure bedrooms are completely stripped and devoid of any delicate items. Remove anything hanging on bedroom/living room walls and place out of treatment area.
  • Remove/Enclose/Cover electronics, music systems etc where possible. (something close to the treatment area you’re worried about.)
  • Strip sofas of their pillows and wash pillow cases and covers in HOT water – Dry them on HOT.
  • Move furniture at least 1.5 feet from wall
  • Remove outlet covers. (1st treatment only)
  • Inspect books, electronics, picture frames, plastic toys etc. These items cannot be treated.
  • Prior to the start of any bed bug treatment, vacuum all rooms, chairs, sofas and other upholstered items VERY well focusing on nooks and crannies. Hard floors can be washed using a cleaning solution. To prevent bed bugs and larvae from escaping, seal all vacuum bags in plastic bags and dispose of them. Clean vacuum when finished.
  • Purchase high quality mattress covers for all mattresses/box springs in the home. *MUST 
  • Ensure all rooms are free of clutter. Clutter gives bed bugs a place to hide.
  • Cover and store any open food products, dishes or utensils before service is rendered.
  • If the infestation is deemed severe enough it may be necessary to dispose of box springs in your home.*Speak with RPM


    •  Keep pets and children away during treatment.
    • People and Pets must remain out of the home until insecticide has dried (~4 hours). Dry time is essential to ensure the home is completely aired out before allowing sensitive individuals, such as small children or pets back into the home.

      Pesticide labels and Safety Data Sheets

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