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Termites. The pest that sends chills down the back of every property owners neck. Termites can completely destroy a home or business if they are not exterminated. Termites, like Carpenter Ants cause structural damage. The difference is Termites are much more aggressive. If you believe you may have termites it is important to call a termite inspection company right away.

why do i have them?

Termites can enter your home multiple ways. They can enter through wood to ground contact. For example, door frames and decks. They can even enter through cracks in your foundations or holes in concrete blocks. There are many ways they move in. If you believe you may have Termites give us a call and we can start with an inspection.

how do i get rid of em?

Every situation is unique but rest assured there is a solution. Depending on your situation, termite control may consist of baits, pesticides, habitual alterations or a combination of all three. Currently, we are only offering termite inspections, however, we can recommend some great companies to help you with your termite problems.

how do i keep them away?

It’s important to understand, no matter who takes care of your pest control needs – It’ll only last so long. Following an Integrated Pest Management Program and keeping follow up appointments is vital in ridding your space of pests and keeping them gone.


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