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moth pest control


Luna Moth
Atlas Moth
Indianmeal Moth
Gypsy Moth
Diamondback Moth
Peppered Moth


Fall Webworm Moth
Isabella Tiger Moth
Japanese Silk Moth
Codling Moth
Greater Wax Moth
Giant Leopard Moth


The Moth… The butterflies’ ugly cousin. Starting out as caterpillar these little guys spin a cocoon and transform themselves just the same. Did you know there are estimated to be over 160,000 species of moth! That’s a lot of moths and even more wings! Moths are notorious for eating clothes and food in a home. Whether you’re in need of Gypsy Moth Control, Pantry Moth Control, Grape Leaf Skeletonizer Pest Control or any of the other 160K+ Species – Royal Pest Management is the best choice you can make for your moth exterminator. 

why do i have them?

There are 2 main types of moths that infest homes. The clothes moths and the Pantry Moths. Clothes moths will stay out of well lit areas and hide in closets snacking on your fine silks while the pantry moths prefer a well lit pantry. I mean who doesn’t am I right? Pantry moths will lay their eggs in stored grains and processed products. If you have moths be sure to check the closets and Stored foods. Active infestations can be very difficult to fight. Contact the pros at Royal Pest Management and we’ll take care of the problem right the first time.

how do i get rid of em?

Three Words: Royal Pest Management – your #1 choice for moth pest control 😉 Every situation is unique but rest assured we have have you covered. Depending on your situation we will use baits, pesticides, habitual alterations or a combination of the three. Contact us today to get started! 

how do i keep them away?

It’s important to understand, no matter who takes care of your pest control needs – It’ll only last so long. Following an Integrated Pest Management Program and keeping follow up appointments is vital in ridding your space of pests and keeping them gone.


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