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Bark Centipede
House Centipede
Cryptopid Centipede
Scolopendrid Centipede


Centipedes are basically what nightmares are made of. I mean… Do you see that photo up there? Yikes. Most centipedes are actually poisonous and some can pack a pretty nasty sting. They are also carnivorous and eat other pests! If you are seeing these around the house it’s a good idea to give a centipede extermination company a call.

why do i have them?

If you find yourself coming across centipedes around your home or business it’s more than likely symptomatic of a much bigger pest problem. Centipedes eat other pests… Get the picture? Call us today to speak with a house centipede extermination specialist.

how do i get rid of em?

Three Words: Royal Pest Management – Grand Rapids #1 Centipede Pest Control Professionals ;). Every situation is unique but rest assured we have have you covered. Depending on your situation we will use baits, pesticides, habitual alterations or a combination of the three. Contact us today to get started! 

how do i keep them away?

It’s important to understand, no matter who takes care of your pest control needs – It’ll only last so long. Following an Integrated Pest Management Program and keeping follow up appointments is vital in ridding your space of pests and keeping them gone.


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