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Red Carpenter Ant
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Similar to Termites, Carpenter Ants are in the habit of destroying wood, more commonly of the damp variety. They are known for being a nightmare in homes and businesses due to the structural damage they cause if they have a carpenter ant control specialist. Most people believe Carpenter Ants eat wood, but this is not the case. They create tunnels and nests with it.

why do i have them?

If you only see carpenter ants seasonally chances are they are scouting your outside your home where there nest is located. A much better situation to the alternative. If you see them year round they are probably nesting in your home. Carpenter Ants like damp wood so it’s likely you have some of that going on somewhere. 

how do i get rid of em?

Three Words: Royal Pest Management – your #1 carpenter ant extermination and removal specialists! 😉 Every situation is unique but rest assured we have have you covered. Depending on your situation we will use baits, pesticides, habitual alterations or a combination of the three. Contact us today to get started! 

how do i keep them away?

It’s important to understand, no matter who takes care of your pest control needs – It’ll only last so long. Following an Integrated Pest Management Program and keeping follow up appointments is vital in ridding your space of pests and keeping them gone.


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